15 Jun: BruCON speaker/trainer at OWASP BE meeting Wednesday 16th of June on SQL injection

Joe McCray is in Brussels and will give a talk on SQL injection at an extra OWASP BE Meeting Wednesday 16th of June. Joe is a also a BruCON 2010 speaker and trainer. He will give a presentation on “You Spent All That Money And You Still Got Owned” next September. Abstract: This talk will focus on practical methods of identifying and bypassing modern enterprise class security solutions such as Load Balancers, both Network and…

03 Jun: Be a part of BruCON. Give a lightning talk!

Do you have something interesting to share and you can tell it in 5 minutes? Go to our wiki and sign up for a lightning talk! It doesn’t have to be mindblowing research or 0-days, your favorite tool or project might interesting to others as well!! Lightning talks are presentations of about 5 minutes. Death by bulletpoint is not allowed. One of our speakers Craig Balding together with blogger Chris John Riley proposed to coordinate…

10 Dec: BruCON 2010 – Save the date 24 & 25 Sept

Mark it in your calendar: BruCON 2010 will be on 24 & 25 September 2010!! Pass the word!! Subscribe to our announcement mailinglist if you want to be notified of the latest news. This event is organized by a group of security enthusiasts and volunteers. Join our volunteer mailinglist if you want to help out.

25 Sep: Download the #brucon videos and presentations

You can download our 13 videos from the following mirrors: http://2009.brucon.org/articles/v/i/d/Video.html We want to thank all these people for hosting our videos. If you have some bandwidth and space to spare, add your own mirror. The latest slides have also been added tohttp://2009.brucon.org/articles/p/r/e/Presentations.html Thanks for Hackerspace Brussels for making the videos and the volunteers for seeding and spreading the files yesterday. You can now broadcast this!! Thank you!!!

14 Sep: BruCON Official Communication and Press contact

Yesterday we noticed some Belgian Security Blogs making statements on behalf of the BruCON organization. We are not denying or confirming anything published but we are only stating that those blog(s) contain inaccurate information and that we have no affiliation them. Please follow our blog for correct and official information about BruCON. The official contact for press for BruCON is press (at) brucon.org and nobody else. Further updates will be posted in the coming hours.

11 Sep: Update of the BruCON Schedule

Some small changes were made to the schedule. Unfortunately, Christofer Hoff had a scheduling conflict and will be replaced by Craig Balding. Craig founded cloudsecurity.org where he blogs about Cloud Computing and Security. Together with Christofer, he is the host of the Cloud Security podcast and has presented at Black Hat Europe, eCrime London and the World Cloud Computing Summit. As a bonus, Jean-Luc Allard and Alain De Greve will join us to give an…

23 Jul: BruCON Podcast ep1: Introduction and Hackerspaces Talk with astera

What started as a joke while drinking beers, has become a real experiment. Some of the crew thought it would be fun to do a BruCON podcast. With only basic equipment, they will be interviewing some of the speakers to give you a better view of the contents of the BruCON talks. We will also do some podcast interviews during the conference to give a feeling of the atmosphere there. The first edition gives a…

23 Jun: Two weekly Volunteer meeting

Just a reminder for the volunteers that tomorrow (Wednesday evening) 18:30 is our two-weekly meeting. All the dates and location or other information is available on the volunteer part of the wiki. Our gathering point for meetings is: Brasserie (Hotel) Le Dome Boulevard du Jardin Botanique 9 1000 Bruxelles Thank you in advance for coming!

25 Jan: BruCON website officially launched

After a few days of beta testing. The BruCON website has been officially launched !!! Although word of mouth has already resulted in some blogposts (rootshell), this can be considered as the official launch of the event. France has HACKFR. The Netherlands have HAR (Hacking at Random). Luxemburg has HACKLU. Germany has the Chaos Computer Congress. Now finally, Belgium has BruCON!! The spirit of the congress is an event organized by and for the hacker(*)…