Mentor / Mentee

On Wednesday evening we are launching the second edition of our Mentor/Mentee initiative, sponsored by Google.
With this initiative we want to provide a stepping stone for people who are new to the infosec community or are just in need of finding a mentor or providing guidance.
You can choose to be a Mentor or a Mentee or even both. Mentors are typically seasoned professionals, having done quite some miles on the professional infosec road, and are willing to provide advice to the MenteesMentees, can be people who are fairly new to the security scene, or a willing to receive advice from more seasoned professionals.
The advice can vary from Mentee to Mentee, but could include: which training should I follow, what are key messages you can give based on personal experience, how do I get to know new people, whom to follow on Twitter, general advice to survive in this industry, to help with presentations and much more.
We all started at some point in time within this industry, and we have all had our challenges. With this programme we want to close this gap and create a stronger bond between seasoned professionals and people new to the industry.
The Mentor/Mentee programme is a initiative that can vary in duration. For some this might be a one-off event, but for others this might create a bond with a mentor that will last.
Please join us from 19 (7 PM) until 21 (9 PM) at the Novotel Bar. Be sure to use the mentor / mentee stickers to indicate the role you want to play.
New this year will be an online way to look for mentors or to mentor people for a longer term engagement. We don’t just want to open this platform up just for the BruCON event but we want to help connect people from all over the world.
If you have been matched by us then it will be up to you both on how you fill in this mentor/mentee role. If we feel that we have a match then you will both receive an e-mail from us. This sign up form is not meant for the Wednesday night, it’s just meant to connect people.
Please provide us with feedback so we can improve both the way we match people and our mentor / mentee program.
If you are interested in this initiative then please sign up using the sign-up form.