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Retro talks will be published on 20/06!


Our first keynotes will be presented by Haroon Meer.
The second one will be announced soon.


$SignaturesAreDead = “Long Live RESILIENT Signatures” wide ascii nocase – Daniel Bohannon & Matthew Dunwoody
All Your Cloud Are Belong To Us – Hunting Compromise in Azure – Nate Warfield
Disrupting the Kill Chain – Vineet Bhatia
Dissecting Of Non-Malicious Artifacts: One IP At A Time – Dani Goland & Ido Naor
Exploits in Wetware – Robert Sell
Finding 0days in embedded systems with code coverage guided fuzzing – Lau Kai Jern & Quynh Nguyen Anh
Forging Trusts for Deception in Active Directory – Nikhil Mittal
Hunting Android Malware: A novel runtime technique for identifying malicious applications – Christopher Le Roy
IoT RCE, a Study With Disney – Lilith Wyatt
Mirror on the wall: using blue team techniques in red team ops – Marc Smeets & Mark Bergman
Outside the Box: Breakouts and Privilege Escalation in Container Environments – Craig Ingram & Etienne Stalmans
Process Control through Counterfeit Comms: using and abusing built-in functionality to own a PLC – Jared Rittle


Developing Resilient Detections (with Obfuscation & Evasion in Mind) – Daniel Bohannon
Finding security vulnerabilities with modern fuzzing techniques – Rene Freingruber
Introduction to Bro Network Security Monitor – David Szili & Eva Szilagyi
Jedi tricks to convince your boss (Episode 2): Weapons training – Emmanuel Nicaise
Malware Triage: Analyzing Malscripts – Return of The Exploits! – Sean Wilson & Sergei Frankoff
Mimikatz workshop – Benjamin Delpi
Python Toolsmithing 101 – Didier Stevens
Simplifying the art of instrumentation – Krishnakant B. Patil & Rushikesh D. Nandedkar
The hunt is on: Engineering the NextGen Cyber Threat Detection System. Attackers, it’s not so easy to hide anymore! – Solomon Sonya
The story of greendale – Thomas Chopitea
A goldmine within an ocean of data – basics of network forensics – Andy Deweirt

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