Student CTF

When: Sunday September 30th, 2018

Where: Monasterium,
Oude Houtlei 56
9000 Ghent

This year’s Student CTF will take place at the Monasterium on Sunday September 30th 2018.

The student CTF this year will pitch students in small groups against each other trying to solve security challenges.

A wide variety of skills will be needed, so choose your time wisely if you want to win. Gather your top lock pickers, crypto analysts, coders, researchers and debuggers and prepare for a full day of sweating, swearing and cheering as you learn new skills and solve puzzles.

In order to participate in our Student CTF personal registration is needed. The actual groups can be formed at the CTF itself in case you do not have a group of 4 to 6 people. The doors open at 8h30 and the CTF starts at 9h00. The CTF will be stopped at 17h00. Lunch will be provided. Bring sufficient fluids to keep you going during an adrenaline fuelled day.



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