Be a part of BruCON. Give a lightning talk!

Do you have something interesting to share and you can tell it in 5 minutes? Go to our wiki and sign up for a lightning talk! It doesn’t have to be mindblowing research or 0-days, your favorite tool or project might interesting to others as well!! Lightning talks are presentations of about 5 minutes. Death by bulletpoint is not allowed.

One of our speakers Craig Balding together with blogger Chris John Riley proposed to coordinate the lightning talks which will result in a both educational and entertaining hour. This year the talks will be held on the main stage. Word got out quickly and a lot of the slots have already been taken so be fast to get one of the last ones!

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Note: To avoid unnecessary questions, you will get nothing in return for giving a lightning talk. Except 5 minutes on the spotlight, interesting feedback and maybe a beer from someone in the audience.

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