BruCAMP – A conference organizers meetup @ DEFCON 

A couple of moths ago we came up with the idea to host a conference organisers meetup. After reaching out to the DEFCON crew, they arranged a meeting room for us host this! The idea is for conference organizers to come together and share their best ideas, tips and methods of running their cons in a social environment. The goal is to help improve the conference experiences for all and to help take away some of the headaches in running a con. A great gathering for con organization veterans as well as anyone looking to start their own con!

Please use this form to register!
  • Date: DEFCON Thursday 9th of August – 4 to 6 PM
  • Location: Livorno at Caesars Palace
  • What to bring: Only your experience … and perhaps some swag to hand out to others
  • Questions? reach out on twitter (@brucon)