BruCON 0x0A – Retro talks

As you probably know, BruCON 0x0A will be a special edition, for our 10th anniversary we are looking back to the past 10 years of BruCON.

A lot has changed in these 10 years.. it used to be called InfoSec, now it’s called “Cyber”. AI is replacing signature based detection and blockchain got introduced as a solution (for which problem? ALL of them!). SQL injection used to be a big problem and… well it still is. It became even more clear that our personal data has great value #GDPR

These retro talks, that you selected, will help us reflect, realise and some conclusions about the evolution in our sector and all of that whilst enjoying a great beer (or two)

For this, you decided last year which BruCON talks you wanted to see again and here they are:

Advanced WiFi Attacks using Commodity Hardware by Mathy Vanhoef
Hacking driverless vehicles by ZoZ
(Re)Investigating Powershell attacks by Matt Hastings and Ryan Kazanciyan
Levelling Up Security @ Riot Games by Mark Hillick
Nightmares of a Pentester by Chris Nickerson
Social engineering for penetration testers by Sharon Conheady
The 99c heart surgeon dilemma by Stefan Friedli

IWe are looking forward to welcome these speakers again at BruCON and to hear their original talks again, plus what they experienced changed in that field!