BruCON 0x0A talks and workshops announcement

We are pleased to announce the speaker and workshop line-up for the special 10th edition!
BruCON 0x0A will be held from October 3-5 and will bring together more than 600 community members of which 55 specialists will be presenting 2 keynotes, 12 talks, 11 workshops and 10 trainings.
This year’s special is our retro day, where we look back on our past! You have chosen the 8th most popular talks over the past BruCON editions and this selection will be published 20/06!


Our first keynotes will be presented by Haroon Meer.
The second one will be announced soon.


$SignaturesAreDead = “Long Live RESILIENT Signatures” wide ascii nocase – Daniel Bohannon & Matthew Dunwoody
All Your Cloud Are Belong To Us – Hunting Compromise in Azure – Nate Warfield
Disrupting the Kill Chain – Vineet Bhatia
Dissecting Of Non-Malicious Artifacts: One IP At A Time – Dani Goland & Ido Naor
Exploits in Wetware – Robert Sell
Finding 0days in embedded systems with code coverage guided fuzzing – Lau Kai Jern & Quynh Nguyen Anh
Forging Trusts for Deception in Active Directory – Nikhil Mittal
Hunting Android Malware: A novel runtime technique for identifying malicious applications – Christopher Le Roy
IoT RCE, a Study With Disney – Lilith Wyatt
Mirror on the wall: using blue team techniques in red team ops – Marc Smeets & Mark Bergman
Outside the Box: Breakouts and Privilege Escalation in Container Environments – Craig Ingram & Etienne Stalmans
Process Control through Counterfeit Comms: using and abusing built-in functionality to own a PLC – Jared Rittle


Developing Resilient Detections (with Obfuscation & Evasion in Mind) – Daniel Bohannon
Finding security vulnerabilities with modern fuzzing techniques – Rene Freingruber
Introduction to Bro Network Security Monitor – David Szili & Eva Szilagyi
Jedi tricks to convince your boss (Episode 2): Weapons training – Emmanuel Nicaise
Malware Triage: Analyzing Malscripts – Return of The Exploits! – Sean Wilson & Sergei Frankoff
Mimikatz workshop – Benjamin Delpi
Python Toolsmithing 101 – Didier Stevens
Simplifying the art of instrumentation – Krishnakant B. Patil & Rushikesh D. Nandedkar
The hunt is on: Engineering the NextGen Cyber Threat Detection System. Attackers, it’s not so easy to hide anymore! – Solomon Sonya
The story of greendale – Thomas Chopitea
A goldmine within an ocean of data – basics of network forensics – Andy Deweirt

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