BruCON 0x0A CFP/CFT Announcement

This is the Call for Papers (CFP) for talks and workshops and Call for Training (CFT) for the 10th edition of BruCON. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary and are therefore adding an additional conference day!


On the off chance you don’t know BruCON (where have you been?). This year we host a 3-day Security and Hacking Conference full of interesting presentations, workshops and security challenges for about 600 attendees. BruCON is an open-minded gathering of people discussing computer security, privacy, and information technology. The conference tries to build bridges between the various actors active in the computer security world including (but not limited to) hackers, security professionals, security communities, non-profit organisations, CERTs, students, law enforcement agencies, and many more. Next to the conference we offer several world-class, deep-dive mostly offensive technical training courses given by the most recognised experts with huge industry experience in their domain! These training sessions take place twice a year, Spring Training takes places on 18, 19 and 20th of April 2018 (Registration and line-up here) and conference training tracks are on 1, 2 and 3rd October 2018. Our slogan is “Hacking for Beer” of which you’ll find plenty during and after the conference.



The conference will be held in Ghent on 3, 4 and 5th of October 2018. The training sessions will be held from 1st until 3rd of October 2018 (all courses start on the 1st!).



Topics of interest for the conference include, but are not limited to :

  • Electronic/Digital Privacy
  • IoT Security
  • Wireless Network and Security
  • Attacks on Information Systems and/or Digital Information Storage
  • Web Application and Web Services Security
  • Lockpicking & physical security
  • Honeypots/Honeynets
  • Spyware, Phishing and Botnets (Distributed attacks)
  • Hardware hacking, embedded systems and other electronic devices
  • Mobile devices exploitation, Symbian, P2K and bluetooth technologies
  • Electronic Voting
  • Vulnerability research and disclosure
  • Free Software and Security
  • Legal and Social Aspect of Information Security
  • Software Engineering and Security
  • Security in Information Retrieval
  • Security aspects in SCADA, industrial environments and “obscure” networks
  • Forensics and Anti-Forensics
  • Mobile communications security and vulnerabilities
  • Information warfare and industrial espionage
  • Social Engineering
  • Virtualisation Security
[ICS/IOT Village]
The ICS/IOT Village is a dedicated area where attendees with a relative “safe” environment to learn more about the (in)security of technologies that you are less likely to encounter on a day-to-day basis such as industrial control systems, electronic voting devices, etc.
Just like previous years we host the Village in a dedicated area where you can immersive yourself in technologies related to: 
  • Automotive security
  • Electronic voting
  • Embedded circuits
  • Hardware hacking
  • Industrial control systems or simply buzzword “SCADA”
  • Radio frequency and other wireless networks
  • (Industrial) IoT
  • etc.


[Submission formats]

Possible formats are:

  • 1hr talk
  • 2hr workshop (preferably hands on)
  • 4hr workshop (preferably hands on)


If you want to get an idea about the atmosphere at BruCON, check out the previous talks on our Youtube channel

Please take into account the following guidelines : 

    • BruCON hosts predominantly offensive technical security training sessions. We don’t have any specific focus areas for now, so please submit any training you deem interesting !


    • Training should be either 2 or 3 days.
  • You are allowed to submit multiple training suggestions, however please specify if they can be hosted simultaneously.
  • If you have additional hardware that need to be taken into account, please specify including the additional costs.

If you submit a training, please include, at minimum, the following information : 

  • Description
  • Course content
  • Target audience
  • Level (Beginner, Advanced, Expert)
  • Trainer(s) Biography
  • Hosted before? If so, where and when

Possible formats are:

  • 2-day training (1100 € Early-bird / 1200 € Regular)
  • 3-day training (1400 € Early-bird / 1500 € Regular)


Submissions will contain as much detail as possible and will be written in English.
We use EasyChair to collect and review talk, workshop and training proposals.
You will submit your proposal online:
Your submission will contain at least the following details:
  • Your name
  • Where do you live (country)
  • How to reach you
  • The title of your talk/workshop/training, including type [talk|2h workshop|4h workshop|2 day training|3 day training]
  • General Track or ICS/IOT Village Track
  • An abstract of your talk/workshop/training, including a brief biography
  • A number of keywords to characterise your submission
  • Whether you submitted and/or presented this proposal at other conferences, and which
  • Additionally you are encouraged to include, in plain text or PDF format, supporting materials such as slide decks, white papers, curriculum, prerequisites for talk/workshop/training, outline,…
Our speaker treatment hasn’t changed since the first year. You’re our guest and we will do anything to make your stay and experience as enjoyable as possible. This includes helping you with travel and accommodation and providing ample opportunities to sample the best of whatever Belgium has to offer. You know what we’re talking about so … submit now!


This CFP closes on April 30th 2018 at midnight CET — CFP feedback will be sent before May 30th 2018. All accepted talks and workshops will be published before June 15th 2018.




Small print: We do not accept product or vendor related pitches. If your presentation involves an advertisement for a new product or service your company is offering, please do not submit. Also, we do not accept presentations submitted by a third party including (but not limited to) company representatives, management bureau’s, etc. BruCON presentations should be focused on topics that are of interest to security and technology professionals who are paying attention to current trends and issues. We want BruCON to be educational and entertaining to the attendees and the community.