Logistics Update

Good evening Brucon Followers !
We just thought we’d drop a quick update on some of the happenings/logistics for Brucon this year.
Training Updates:
* Colin Ames will replace Russ Gideon as the trainer for the Tactical Exploitation and Response training
* Justin Searle will be giving the ICS training instead of Don C. Weber
Hak4Kidz at Brucon !
Hak4Kidz is an event by ethical hackers and Information Security professionals dedicated to bring the educational and communal benefits of whitehat hacking conferences to children and young adults. We plan to accomplish this mission by putting our collective expertise and passion on display for the attendees to interact with us at their will.
Full details in our prior update here: 


General Updates:
There may still be a CTF happening this year. Apologies for the oscillation on this topic. It’s been a little tougher to nail down the details for this edition. More news on this as soon as we have something news worthy.
Our volunteer system is almost ready for population. If you’d like to help out at Brucon this year and be part of the awesome crew that makes it happen every year hit up our volunteer page and mailing list:
We will be streaming Brucon again this year. We’ve had feedback that this wasn’t properly advertised last year so we will do our best to get the news out on this ahead of time.
Lastly check our the promo video from Brucon 2014 to get a taste of what’s to come:
The Brucon Team looks forward to welcoming everyone in October.

Don’t miss out.

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