BruCON 2022 Training

Immerse yourself into the world of security by attending the BruCON Training ! BruCON offers world-class, deep-technical training given by the most recognised experts with huge industry experience in their domain. We want to offer courses for anybody interesting in security, ranging from novice to advanced and for red and blue teams !

Spring Training

BruCON 0x0E Spring Training will take place on 21th until 22nd of April 2022. Depending on the courses these will be hosted virtually or will be hosted at the Novotel Ghent centrum on the same dates

Additional info


The price for 2-day courses is 1300 Euro early bird (+ VAT) per attendee.
The price for 3-day courses is 1600 Euro early bird (+ VAT) per attendee.

As of the 1st of July this will become 1400 Euro (2-day) / 1700 Euro (3-day) (+ VAT) per attendee.

(*) The Corelan trainings are a little bit more expensive but consist of 3 long days (+ 10 hours) including dinner.

(**) The Assessing and Exploiting PLCs training is a bit more expensive but each student will be provided with your own PLC to take home with you

Location and dates

In-person courses will be hosted at the Hotel Novotel Gent Centrum or NH Hotel Gent. The virtual courses will be handled through Zoom, and a class room will be foresoon in either of the pre-mentioned hotels for people wanting to together. See below for more information

The courses begin promptly at 09h00 and end at 17h00 (CET) (Except Corelan trainings). Out of consideration for your instructor(s) and fellow students, please try to be seated (or joined the Zoom conference) and ready to go by 08h45.

Why attend a BruCON Training ?

At BruCON, we try to keep our prices affordable, both for the conference and training. We focus on the having smaller classes with enough time to get to learn and exchange experience. We will host a social gathering for students, trainers and crew to meetup over a beer (or more) and you will receive a small gift

Same price for virtual and in-person training ?

At BruCON we try to keep training affordable whilst making it profitable for our trainers. We will have a hybrid situation, whereby we will have on-site and virtual courses and whereby you can opt to attend the latter in a classroom with fellow students. To allow for most flexibility, we decided to have the same price for both in-person and virtual courses and people who do not attend a virtual course in-person will be shipped a complementary gift from BruCON.

When I buy a training ticket, can I still buy a conference ticket ?

YES, when you purchase a training ticket, you will receive a code (after completing the registration) that allows you to purchase a conference ticket as well.