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If you have inquiries or questions, feel free to contact press (at)

Press Office

There will be a press office at the Conference where members of the press can do interviews and find people from the BruCON press team.


The BruCON is an event for security researchers, hackers, nerds and other beings with a creative and critical view of life. The participants expect the press people to wear the press ID badge all the time and to show a certain degree of non-intrusive behaviour, especially regarding the right not to be filmed or photographed. Some participants neither want to be filmed, photographed or interviewed. Journalists are kindly asked to respect the spirit of the event and the requirements of the participants.


Filming and taking photographs is generally possible. Visual recordings of lectures are permitted. In any case, no visual recordings of the audience are permitted.

The participants of the BruCON Conference insist on their right to their own image. Therefore even when events are recorded, no pictures of participants may be taken unless explicit permission is granted.

Free entry

Only if you are a professional journalist, photographer or a TV news team, please send an e-mail to press (at) to get free entry. In your message please tell us which media entity you are working for and the day you wish to come. We only allow a limited amount of journalists due to the capacity of the venue when we are sold out. Be early to request access. Priority will go to people having covered the event in the past.

Press ID cards

Every member of the press is obliged to carry a badge with the word “PRESS” on it, clearly visible. The IDs will be issued at the entrance.

TV, Photo, Video

Participants decide by themselves if they want to speak to journalists or not and if they want to be photographed or filmed in any way. Please respect this right at all times.

Same rules apply to audio.

Media coverage

As curious people, we are more than happy if you would send us a copy of your article about the Conference. Please send digital articles to press (at) Thank you very much in advance!

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