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BruCON Spring training and impact of Coronavirus

As we all have heard, all governments are taking measures against Coronavirus (COVID-19) and this is also the case in Belgium.

We do not have all the answers yet, since we are evaluating options.

What we do know is that Spring training will not continue as classroom training. We are evaluating two options:

  1. Our first option is to move the Spring training to a later date
  2. The second option is to do virtual classroom training where the trainers are confident this can be done while maintaining the quality of a BruCON training.

You will get the option to ask for a refund of your ticket, regardless of the available options, however we would like to ask you to wait with requesting your refund, as we are doing whatever possible to continue the training in a safe and comfortable manner for everyone!

BruCON Training and Conference (28 September – 2 October) are currently not impacted but we will closely monitor the situation in the coming months. Our CFP will be opened as announced before on April the 1st.

The BruCON Crew

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