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Conference CTF

During the conference you can join our Capture the flag online!

The CTF starts on the first day of the conference and it will end on Friday 15:00. The winners will be announced during the closing talk.


Hall of Fame

CTF Top 10 team 0x0F

Workshop howto

Before we get started…

There are a few simple rules for the Workshop registration and participation at BruCON.

Please see below:

  • BruCON attendees may only register to one workshop per timeslot
  • BruCON attendees who have registered to a workshop are requested to be present 15 min before the official start time of the workshop
    • Please be present at the Workshop Room entrance
  • 10 min before the official start time of the workshop, we will call out the names of the registered participants
    • Please be sure to answer when your name is called
    • If you don’t hear your name being called, notify yourself to the BruCON volunteer
  • 5 min before the official start time of the workshop, registrations are considered void, and the access is on a first come first served basis, up to the maximum capacity of the Workshop.

Registration Opening

The registration to the workshops will open on the:

  • Friday 15th of September at 5 PM (CEST) 
  • Thursday 28th of September at 9 AM (CEST) – Second slots
A total of 20 slots for each workshop will be made available on a first come first served basis.
Please refer to the guide below on how to proceed to register (once the registrations are opened) and to the FAQ at the end if you have any questions.

Where to start?

The first thing to do is to go on the BruCON sched page located at:

Once you arrive on the webpage, you should see something similar to this:

Sched Workshop Registration 01.png

In order for you to be able to register to a workshop, you will need a account.

To do so, click on the “Sign Up” button located on the top right corner of the webpage.

Note: The account you are about to create is on the website. This account is not affiliated or linked to the BruCON website.

If you already have a account, you will need to be logged in with it to be able to register to a Workshop.

Once logged in with your account, the webpage should look something like this:

Sched Workshop Registration 02.png

Registering to a Workshop

The notable difference (apart from the “please login” message) is that little white circle next to each item.

Sched Workshop Registration 03.png

If you click on the title of the item (in this example: “BruCON Workshop Registration Demo”). It will open a page with more details about this specific item:

Sched Workshop Registration 05.png

To register to a workshop, click on the small white circle on the left of any of the items.

Once clicked, the white circle should change into a little black circle with a white checkmark, like this:

Sched Workshop Registration 06.png

Congratulations! You have successfully registered yourself to a workshop.

Note: You can quickly check if you are registered to a workshop on the website, by looking at the icon on the left of each item name. Like this one:

Sched Workshop Registration 04.png

Note2: You can also register by directly clicking on the little white circle on the left of an item from the main page.

How to cancel a registration

In order to cancel your registration to a workshop, click on the small black circle with the white checkmark in it.

Once it turned back into a white circle, this mean you have cancelled your registration to the workshop.

Beware: Once you cancel a registration, your position in the list of attendees is lost /!\

What if the workshop is full?

If the maximum number of participant to a workshop have registered, you will no longer be able to register to the workshop.

However, there is still a possibility for a spot to free itself on the day of the workshop.

Reminder: A registration guarantees your access to the workshop up till 5 minutes before the workshop’s official start time. If you arrive later than that, you will lose your reservation, and any person present at the entrance will be given your spot in a first come first serve basis.

Do I need to have a account to register to workshops?

Yes. We are using the services to make our list of participants, and it is only possible to register to a workshop when logged in with your account.

Do I need to have a account to attend BruCON?

No. You do not need a account to come to BruCON. You will be able to enter the conference and all the talks without the need of a account. (For Workshops, see previous question)

Do I need to be registered to a talk to see it?

No. Registration is mandatory only for Workshops.

Can I register to more than one workshop?

Yes, you can.

Note: You will not be able to register to multiple workshops which occur in the same timeslot.

Note2: please make sure you register only to the workshops you intend to follow.

If I cancel my registration, can I re-register again later?

Yes, this is possible. However, as the registration is a first come, first serve; if you cancel you registration, you will lose your slot. If no slots are available when you register again, you will no longer be able to register to the workshop.

Hardware Hacking Area

What’s your favourite hardware?

This year BruCON is collaborating with the local hackerspace Ko-Lab, attempting to bring you a Hackerspace experience on location!

There will be place to hack on your favourite hardware, don’t hesitate to bring your Flipper Zero 😉

We’ll have plenty of solder stations, an Ultimaker3 3D-printer, microscope, oscilloscope, and miscellaneous small tools.

You can have you”Hacker Passport” stamped and you should be able to refill your caffeine levels with Club-Mate!

Looking forward to meet you on the top floor of the building!

IOT / ICS Village

The Internet of Things (IOT) has been creeping up on us for the past couple of years and is impacting every sphere of modern life for consumer and operational technologies. The integration of these tiny computers has various functions to make our life more convenient or to make operations more streamlined with new line of services.

The IoT/ICS Village brings you a diverse environment where you can broaden your skills by attending one of the adhoc workshops we host; get your black hat on and compete in one of the Capture the Flag (CTF) contests, or simply sit back, relax and hack away.

Various components such as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) devices will be made available for attendees to tinker with. A custom development board has been created as part of the IoT CTF and will be made available for CTF contestants.

For those that want to dive into real life examples of industrial networks that live in manufacturing environments we bring back the FacTile CTF demo environment with support of Howest University college. This physical set up allows you to get a better grip on how industrial components work and how they intertwine within an organisations’ network environment. With support of Airbus and Claroty we are also bringing an online OT CTF platform that includes various challenges ranging from solving logic gate quests to industrial forensic analysis’s.

Throughout the course of the conference, several experienced volunteers will be present to guide you through the world of IoT and the realm of control systems.

IoT is all around us, that is why we want to have fun and play with IoT equipment. Join us in the IoT village for demo’s, hands-on hacking sessions, workshops, IoT CTF and much more!

We have off-the-shelf devices that you can play with, we have a custom developed dev board for our CTF, we have real-live wireless communication services that will be shown, and much more! An entire village full of fun IoT devices that can be applied to the real-world! This makes the IoT village the place to be as it is full of fun IoT devices to inspire you for future hacking challenges.

We will also have an ICS lab available for you to play with! Ever wondered what industrial control systems look like from the inside? Ever wanted
to know how to get logic into a programmable logic controller? Ever wanted to use your security tools against industrial devices without breaking into the power plant nearby?

All of the above?! Then be sure to join us in the village!


The ICS Village organisation is supported by ….


As every year there will be an awesome BruCON party on Thursday night! This year it will take place at T’ile Malines (Google Maps ) Rode-Kruisplein 12, Mechelen.

You are welcome as of 9 PM !

Retro Gaming

What’s your favourite video game from when you where a kid?

The Awesome Retro foundation will bring over a fine selection of home computers and consoles that go back as far as the late 70’s, for your leisure and entertainment. Enjoy a friendly competition with your fellow conference-goers, try your coding skills on one of the early home computers, or try to beat your highschool highscore on one of the avail- able arcade classics. The Awesome Retro will be avaialble each conference day from morning to evening. Game on!

Hacker Run

What better way is there to start the second conference day than running 10km with a bunch of hackers?

Put on your running shoes and join us at the entrance of the Novotel ( on Friday at 7:30.)

We’ll be back in time to freshen up and attend the first presentation of the day.

Word is that it’s also a good way to get rid of a hangover!

You can add this to your Schedule on!

You can reach out to @andydeweirt on twitter.

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