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BruCON 0X10 (16th edition) Spring Training – Call for training

With the succesfull15th edition of BruCON behind us, we are already preparing for next year which we officially kick-off with the call for training for our spring edition (17-19 April 2024). While our courses in the fall (16-18 September 2024) will be all in-person, our Spring training edition will be hybrid combining both virtual and in-person courses. Check out this post and submit your course:

  • BruCON hosts predominantly technical security training sessions, either offensive or defensive (or a combination). We don’t have any specific focus areas for now, so please submit any training you deem interesting !
  • Training should be either 2 or 3 days with a preference for the latter.
  • You are allowed to submit multiple training suggestions, however please specify if they can be hosted simultaneously.
  • If you have additional hardware that needs to be taken into account, please specify including the additional costs.
  • We will host both in-person and virtual courses. Please specify which you can accomodate

If you submit a training, please include, at minimum, the following information :

  • Description
  • Course content
  • Target audience
  • Trainer biography
  • Hosted before ? If so, where and when
  • In-Person / Virtual (or both possible)

Our prices (as of 2023) for training courses are :

  • 2-day training – 1500€ (Early-bird) / 1600€ (Regular) *
  • 3-day training – 1800€ (Early-bird) / 1900€ (Regular) *

* Not taking into account any additional hardware which might be included. We have a 50% profit split in place between the trainer and us. If you have any particular question or you would like us to work out a concrete example, don’t hesitate to reach out!

The deadline for you submissions is Friday 24th of November 2023. Preferably you can submit via this Google Form (link) or if this is not possible (requires Google login) directly to You will receive an acknowledgement that your submission has been well received.

Please also use this address if you have any questions. The BruCON Training crew

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