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0x0F Keynote announcement

We are thrilled to announce Axelle Apvrille and Mikko Hypponen as our keynote speakers for BruCON 0x0F!

Axelle Apvrille is a happy Principal Security Researcher at Fortinet, where she hunts down malware for smartphones and other smart objects. To be noted, she started on mobile malware _before_ Android even existed! She is also the lead organizer of Ph0wn CTF, a CTF on the French riviera which focuses on challenges involving IoT. Before joining Fortinet, Axelle worked on implementation of cryptology and security protocols.
This is where she gets her mysterious nickname Crypto Girl or @cryptax. Axelle reads her emails from a terminal with Alpine, still frequently uses FVWM as window manager, likes to draw a curious crocodile named “Pico le Croco” and enjoys 3D printing.

Mikko Hypponen is cybersecurity researcher and a best-selling author. He has written for the New York Times, Wired and Scientific American and lectured at the universities of Oxford, Stanford and Cambridge. He has also keynoted at DEF CON, Black Hat Asia, and in BruCON 2010. Mikko works as the Chief Research Officer for WithSecure in Finland. His latest book is “If It’s Smart, It’s Vulnerable” (Wiley 2022). (picture credit: Paul Roberts)

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