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BruCON0x0F – Spring Training open for registration

We are very happy to share the BruCON0x0F Spring training program (19-21 April 2023). All courses will take place in the Novotel Mechelen Centre or virtually via Zoom. Early-bird will last till the 1st of February, please fine the line-up here :

(In-person) Corelan “Bootcamp” – Peter Van Eeckhoutte (3-days) – The Corelan “BOOTCAMP” is a truly unique opportunity to learn both basic & advanced techniques from an experienced exploit developer. During these 3 “long” days, students will be able to learn all ins and outs about writing reliable stack based exploits for the Windows platform.  The trainer will share his “notes from the field” and various tips & tricks to become more effective at writing exploits. We believe it is important to start the course by explaining the basics of stack buffer overflows and exploit writing, but this is most certainly not “your average” entry level course. In fact, this is a true bootcamp and one of the finest and most advanced courses you will find on Win32 stack based exploit development. More information here

(Virtual) Active Directory Attacks for Red and Blue Teams – Advanced Edition – Nikhil Mittal (3-days)

More than 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Active Directory! Enterprises are managed using Active Directory (AD) and it often forms the backbone of the complete enterprise network. Therefore, to secure an enterprise from an adversary, it is inevitable to secure its AD environment. To secure AD, you must understand different techniques and attacks used by adversaries against it. Often burdened with maintaining backward compatibility and interoperability with a variety of products, AD environments lack ability to tackle latest threats. This training is aimed towards attacking modern AD Environment using built-in tools and trusted OS resources. The training is based on real world penetration tests and Red Team engagements for highly secured environments. More information here

(In-Person) Hacking Modern Web & Desktop apps: Master the Future of Attack Vectors – Abraham Aranguren (3-days) – This course is a 100% hands-on deep dive into the OWASP Security Testing Guide and relevant items of the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS), so this course covers and goes beyond the OWASP Top Ten. Long are the days since web servers were run by perl scripts and desktop apps written in Delphi. What is common between Walmart, eBay, PayPal, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google and Netflix? They all use Node.js: JavaScript on the server. What is common between Microsoft Teams, Skype, Bitwarden, Slack and Discord? All of them are written in Electron: JavaScript on the client. Modern Web and Desktop apps share traditional attack vectors and also introduce new opportunities to threat actors. This course will teach you how to review modern web and desktop apps, showcasing Node.js and Electron but using techniques that will also work against any other web or desktop app platform. Ideal for Penetration Testers, Web and Desktop app Developers as well as everybody interested in JavaScript/Node.js/Electron app security. More information here

(Virtual) Cloud Security Masterclass: Defender’s Guide to Securing AWS & Azure Infrastructure – Abhinav Singh (3-days) – This hands-on CTF-style training focuses on elevating your security knowledge into the cloud. Learn to defend your AWS & Azure cloud infrastructure by building automated detection, alerting and response pipelines for your  workloads by using native cloud services. This training focuses on building  security knowledge on the cloud and for the cloud. This training takes both  investigator and builder approach towards security. It teaches you the fundamentals of cloud infrastructure security and focuses on building highly scalable threat detection, monitoring, and response tools by  using cloud-native services like serverless, containers, object stores, IAM/AD,  logic apps, SQL/KQL queries and much more. More information here

(In-Person) Defending Enterprises – 2023 Edition – Owen Shearing / Will Hunt (2-days starting Thursday 20th) – Updated for 2023, our immersive 2-day Defending Enterprises training is the natural counterpart to  our popular Hacking Enterprises course.  You’ll play a SOC analyst in our Microsoft Sentinel cloud-based lab and try to rapidly locate IOA’s and  IOC’s from a live enterprise breach executed by the trainers in real time. Whether you’re new to Kusto Query Language (KQL) or a seasoned pro, there’s plenty for you in the  2-days! Yes, we’re using Microsoft Sentinel, but the underlying threat detection theory, logic and  threat hunting approach is transferable into your own environments, whatever your preferred  platform. We look at the top 10+ methods we use in offensive engagements and show how these can be  caught, along with numerous other examples and methods that go above and beyond these common TTPs! More information here

(Virtual) Deep Dive into Fuzzing – Dhiraj Mishra / Zubin Devnani (2-days starting Thursday 20th) – Fuzzing is a technique of identifying software vulnerabilities by automated corpus generation. It has produced immense results and attracted a lot of visibility from security researchers and professionals in the industry, today fuzzing can be utilized in various ways which can be incorporated into your secure SDLC to discover vulnerabilities in advance and fix them. Finding vulnerabilities in software requires in-depth knowledge of different technology stacks. Modern day software’s have a huge codebase and may contain vulnerabilities. Manually verifying such vulnerabilities is a tedious task and may not be possible in all cases. This training is designed in such a way that it introduces the concept of fuzzing and vulnerability discovery in software’s covering multiple platforms such as Linux & Windows and triage analysis for those vulnerabilities. During this training, attendees would be emulating techniques which would provide a comprehensive understanding of “Crash, Detect & Triage” of fuzzed binaries or software. In “Deep dive into fuzzing” we will be covering a detailed overview of fuzzing and how it can be beneficial to professionals in uncovering security vulnerabilities with a hands-on approach through focus on labs. More information here

All training details and registration links can be found on the BruCON training pages (link)

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