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Announcing our BruCON0x0E location – Mechelen

Dear BruCONeers,

We are proud to finally announce the new location for our beloved conference! The Aula in Ghent is going through some renovations and we were forced to look for a new location for the next coming year(s).

While the format of BruCON is pretty straight-forward, our location and venue requirements were not (or at least so it seems 😉). Additionally, over the years there were some learnings which we wanted to change for a while but we just couldn’t due to the limitations of the venue. All of this was packed in a list of requirements leading up to a hunt to search for the perfect spot to host our training and conference, one that truly embodies the BruCON spirit #HackingForBeer.

We started by reviewing venues in Ghent and moved on to other cities to finally land in Mechelen, where The “Lamot” conference center (website) ticked all our boxes ! 


This former brewery (talk about the perfect match 🍻) has a modern look on the outside but still has an industrial feeling once you enter. We will be able to host all that makes BruCON unique and special into one single building! The format will remain the same, a single-track conference with sufficient time and place to socialize with your fellow InfoSec peeps. We have enough room for our village, retro-gaming and all our workshops with still a bit of space left for us to come up with some new ideas 😎. Restaurants and bars are within walking (crawling) distance so even after the conference doors are closed, you will not go thirsty or hungry.

Right next to the Lamot, we have the Novotel Mechelen where we will be hosting our BruCON0x0E Spring Training and parts of our regular training track (26-28 September) combined with some rooms in the Lamot itself. The conference itself will take place on the 29th and 30th of September and we will as ussual open the CFP/CFT on the 1st of April

Congratulations to Tristan Crombez (@TristanTXC), John Deprez and Raven Demeyer for being the first to crack our crypto challenge and finding out our new location. You can expect a free ticket for our 14th edition !

The BruCON Crew

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