BruCON is organised as a non-profit event by and for the security and hacker community. This event wouldn’t be possible without the help of volunteers. Follow the volunteer mailing-list and present yourself there if you want to help out. (Will be updated)

For more information, check our F.A.Q.

Helping out during BruCON

Register for shifts at BruCON: https://gabriel.brucon.org

What do we expect from you:

  • Be on time at the shift you have chosen.
  • Arrive at 07:00 on 1 October 2020 for the final stages of the build-up and to register as a volunteer.
  • Do 10 hours of shifts, you are free to choose which shifts (16 hours if you want a hotel room!).
  • The build-up and break-down hours do count in the 8 hours, but we do expect you to do a number of shifts during the conference hours itself.
  • Be responsible and an adult during the conference, you are representing BruCON after all.
  • Wear your BruCON Volunteer t-shirt during the whole conference.
  • Register with your mobile phone number so we can contact you.
  • Complete the Google Form

What do you get:

  • Access to BruCON.
  • Volunteer T-shirt.
  • Complimentary beverages at the BruCON party.
  • If you stay for the break-down we invite you to a complementary dinner afterwards
  • Invitation to our yearly volunteer appreciation event!
  • And of course our thanks for all your help!