Mentor / Mentee

Are you just starting out in the InfoSec industry or in need of some good tips and tricks? Then you HAVE to come to BruCON’s third mentor / mentee Google sponsored program! This year we will try to make this a little bit more productive than our last two years, really focusing on mentoring people. 

The mentor/mentee program provides a steppingstone for people who are new to the information security scene. This program will enable you to have a face-to-face conversation with seasoned security professionals, some of which who are world renowned in the industry and are seen as role models. Our aim of this program is to bridge the gap between people new to the scene, seasoned professionals, or people interested in information security in general. 

For this edition, we ask that you register up front and that when you are participating you provide some contact info so mentor and mentees can easily contact each other. This info can be anything from a phone number to a twitter account, whatever you are comfortable with. We will be providing stickers with scannable QR codes with your info to facilitate the mentoring program. 


The mentor / mentee session will take place at the Novotel Gruuthuus from Thursday October 10th from 19:00 (7 PM) – 21:00 (9PM).


Mentors will dole out tips and tricks on how to get started in InfoSec or how to survive in InfoSec. Mentors: you choose how you want to dole out advice. Do it for a couple of hours, a week, a year or even for life if you want. It’s your advice so you get to choose how you help.

Remember how difficult it was when you started? What are some of the life lessons you would like to share? How did you got introduced to the security community, and how has it evolved over time.

On Thursday night or even during the day on Thursday and Friday, you try and find people that need mentoring. Meet new people, share a refreshing beverage, a couple of snacks, and most importantly have a good time. 

A golden tip: Dole out advice every Mondayon twitter or in person as part of #MentoringMonday.


New to the security scene? Always wanted to know how some of these so called infosec rock stars got started into the security world? Which challenges did they face? How did the infosec scene look back in the days? What are some remarkable anecdotes they experienced? 

As a mentee, don’t be afraid to speak to people and ask for advice, tips or tricks. Even if the person is a speaker or a trainer, please do not hesitate to make contact. IT Security is a friendly community and always ready to help. Get together with seasoned professionals, speakers from renowned conferences, and have a good time. It’s a great opportunity for meeting new male and female professionals, please don’t be afraid to go up to mentors and start asking questions.


Please provide us with feedback so we can improve both the way we match people and our mentor/mentee program.

If you are interested in this initiative then please sign up using the sign-up form.