BruCON Podcast ep1: Introduction and Hackerspaces Talk with astera

What started as a joke while drinking beers, has become a real experiment. Some of the crew thought it would be fun to do a BruCON podcast. With only basic equipment, they will be interviewing some of the speakers to give you a better view of the contents of the BruCON talks. We will also do some podcast interviews during the conference to give a feeling of the atmosphere there.

The first edition gives a view about how BruCON started and is followed by an interview with astera about the hackerspaces movement.

For the second episode, we will interview Jayson E. Street about Cyberwarfare.

You can download it through this XML feed or get it through iTunes.

If you want us to interview certain people or cover specific parts of the event, you can send your feedback to podcast atsign

(Photo under creative commons from Josh Bancroft’s photostream)

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