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BruCON 0x0F – CFP/CFT Announcement

Hackers of the world unite!

Join us in the ancient city of Mechelen for Brucon, the ultimate hacking conference that brings together cyber security enthusiasts, researchers, and industry experts. We challenge you to submit your cutting-edge research and revolutionary ideas on the latest cyber security technologies, trends, and strategies.

Share your knowledge with a passionate and savvy community of fellow hackers, and together, we will shape the future of cyber security. Don’t miss this opportunity to demonstrate your hacking skills, grow your network, and make a mark in the world of cyber security. New to BruCON and not sure what to expect? Have a look at BruCON Security Conference – YouTube to get a feel of the atmosphere!

Submit your papers before April 30th at BruCON 0x0F (BruCON 0x0F) ( and show us what you’ve got!
More information about the CFP/CFT can be found here CFP – BruCON 2023

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