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BruCON 0x0D – Ticket update / Schedule online / Untapped CFP

We are working hard on getting everything ready for BruCON this year and wanted to share a quick update with you all. Currently about 70% of tickets we have available for a normal BruCON edition have been sold or reserved. With the evolution of the pandemic and uncertainties about the restrictions in the future, we decided not to release any more tickets before we have a better view which we expect (hope) to have by early September. People who have bought or will buy a ticket for one of our training courses (see program here) will still be able to purchase a conference ticket.

We also decided not to have an ICS/IOT village this year, to allow for more room at the venue so we can adhere to the social distance rules. Retro gaming will return again to BruCON and we are now looking into organizing the CTF which will be a virtual one.

The good news is that we have just published our schedule (check here) ! While not all slots have been filled in just yet, you can already have a look at the speakers and workshops for this year’s edition of BruCON. We also opened the registration system for our volunteers, check out this page for more information

The “Untapped” CFP will open on August 1st.

We understand that submitting a paper in April for a talk in October is not always easy. As things change so quickly between the time of submission and hosting the talk or you have not yet finished your research, we wanted to introduce something new!¬†Specially for these reasons we bring you project “Untapped” (Get it ?). Instead of selecting 12 talks in April, we will only select 10 and keep two slots open (one for each conference day). On August 1st, we will open the CFP again (check here) to select three “Untapped” talks where we are looking for talks which were never hosted before or are covering new and fresh InfoSEC topics that we can introduce for the first time at BruCON.

While we do not have all the details on the expected COVID-19 restrictions in the comings, we hope this “Untapped” CFP allows more speakers to submit. We still aim to have all our speakers to be present in person in Ghent while all our talks will be streamed live online.

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