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Beer workshop @ BruCON

We promised more content and more surprises and here is the next one: a beer workshop. Since Belgium is known for its beers, we thought it would be fun on how to learn how to hack together your own beer. Machtelt gave this workshop at Hacking at Random and she is willing to give this workshop also at BruCON.

Brewing a great Belgian-style double-fermentation beer, includes tasting and taking some home. You will learn the steps in the process, everything is demonstrated, lots of info about where to get ingredients, materials, small hacks to make your life as a brewer easier. The process takes about 2 months, but everything is prepared so we can cut the waiting time.

We want to know if there is enough interest in the workshop because it takes time and materials to prepare. So if you are interested, please let us know (poll).

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