COVID-19 – Ticket info and FAQ

Last updated September 6th 2021

We are looking forward to host this year’s edition of BruCON as normal as possible, but the times (and regulations) are still a bit uncertain. Therefore, to open the ticket sale for the conference, we have adopted the following strategy.

  • We will release a batch of tickets every 1st and 15th of the month, starting the 1st of June
  • We do not know how many we can release each time (if any) but this will be communicate on Twitter (@BruCON) beforehand and on this page

Each ticket gives you access to the conference and allows you to (will be announced later) book a seat in any of the workshops. As we do not yet know how the regulations will look like in October, please consider the following rules when purchasing a ticket:

  • Upon accessing the conference building, you could be asked to show proof of vaccination and/or a recent negative COVID-19 test (perhaps we will organize quick tests at the entrance). At the European level, the EU is working on a digital certificate (COVID-19: Digital green certificates | European Commission (
  • Willing to wear a mask if we are required to mandate this to our attendees

More information about the training approach can be found on this page

Please check out the FAQ below which will be updated frequently

Ticket sale per batch

Will be updated frequently. Last update see on top of this page

Student Tickets
Personal Tickets
Business Tickets
1st of June 10 20 (Early-bird pricing) 20
15th of June 10 30 (Early-bird pricing) 20
1st of July 20 40 30
15th of July 0 0 0
1st of August 0 0 0
15th of August 0 0 0
1st of September 0 0 0

Can you get a refund in case I cannot attend the conference because of new COVID-19 rules ?

If there are official travel restrictions introduced before the end of August 2021, you can opt for a refund and we will refund you completely. If we see other situations that could be eligible for a refund, we will update this FAQ. 

Please note that you can always transfer your ticket to somebody else with no additional costs

What in the case I get denied access to the building because of e.g., lack of vaccination evidence or a positive COVID-19 test ?

The rules are currently not clear yet, but in case we are required to check these conditions, and you cannot comply, we will unfortunately deny your entry to the conference.

What if the conference can accommodate fewer people than tickets sold?

We do not expect this, but should it happen, the first people who bought tickets will get access, FIFO style. The people who would not be able to attend due to this measure, will be refunded.

My question is not answered, what do I do ?

Please reach out to us via the Twitter (@BruCON)