BruCON 0x0D Ticket sale / Introducing Untapped

We are happy to announce that we will start with the conference ticket sale on the 1st of June at 5 PM (CET). As we do not yet know how the regulations will look like in October we have adopted the following approach :

  • We will release a batch of tickets every 1st and 15th of the month at 5PM (CET), starting the 1st of June with 50 tickets (Student : 10 / Personal early-bird : 20 / Business : 20)
  • We do not know how many we can release each time (if any) but will try communicate on Twitter (@BruCON) beforehand.

Each ticket gives you access to the conference and allows you to (will be announced later) book a seat in any of the workshops. Please review the COVID-19 specific terms and conditions, the number of tickets each time as well as a FAQ that will be updated frequently here

Introducing “Untapped

We want to introduce the “Untapped” concept this year (was also planned last year). We understand that submitting a paper in April for a talk in October is not always easy. As things change so quickly between the time of submission and hosting the talk or you have not yet finished your research, we wanted to introduce something new!

Specially for these reasons we bring you project “Untapped” (Get it ?). Instead of selecting 12 talks in April, we will only select 10 and keep two slots open (one for each conference day). On August 1st, we will open the CFP again to select two “Untapped” talks where we are looking for talks which were never hosted before or are covering new and fresh InfoSEC topics that we can introduce for the first time at BruCON.

Additionally, by August we should have a better view on the expected COVID-19 restrictions and rules to be expected and hopefully open up our CFP to speakers that are currently uncertain about their travel capabilities.

You can re-submit your paper from April in case it has not been presented yet and/or it has been updated with fresh content that is representing the evolutions in that specific domain.

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