BruCON 0x0A schedule!


Our schedule is live! Check it out on:

Workshop registrations will open on the 4th of September 2018. (2018-09-04) at 13:00 UTC+2 (Europe/Brussels time). Before this time, all workshops will appear “Full”. (so don’t panic)

Please note:

– The registrations are a first come first serve
– You will not be able to register to multiple workshops taking place at the same time!
– You will not be able to register before the opening date (2018-09-04)
— Any registration made before the opening date (2018-09-04), will be removed ?
– To register, follow this link:
– You might see that all the workshops appear as full. This is normal, the registration will open on the 4th of September (2018-09-04)
– To preview how to register to the workshop, follow this link:

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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