BruCON Spring Training – New date due to Coronavirus

The recent COVID-19 evolutions made it clear that BruCON Spring training could not continue in April. We have consulted with all our trainers and within the BruCON Crew, for the best solution. We all prefer to hold BruCON Spring training as an on-site training session, so for this reason, BruCON Spring training is postponed until the 29th, 30th of June and the 1st of July 2020. This gives us a little over 3 months to see how the situation evolves.
The training will be held at the same location as before, so it will be in Ghent. However, if circumstances would still prevent BruCON Spring training to continue safely, we will organize that most courses will be held in a virtual classroom session (or a combination of in-person and virtual), with the exception of Corelan Bootcamp (see blogpost from Peter here as to why this can only be held in-person). Corelan either is held in-person or is cancelled in which case all students will get a re-fund or are moved to another slot.
We have already prepared answers to some potential questions.
What does this mean for students already registered ?
All your tickets are automatically transferred to our session in June. If you cannot attend at that time, you can request a refund via You can still wait and see how the situation evolves from your side as you have plenty of time to decide.
In case my course is held virtually, will I have to pay the same ?
In case we have to decide to host it virtually (or a combination of both), we will make sure the people who attend virtually get something extra special. This could be in the form of a small refund (or full refund if you no longer want to attend), an extra gift, discount on future BruCON courses or something else. You will be able to decide.
Will you take extra measures in case Spring training is held in-person ?
Of course, while we do not know what the instructions from the government will be in June, we will make sure that we follow them exactly and do not take any risk for our students, trainers and staff.
We will be updating the FAQ on our training page frequently if we see new questions coming in. We will also make sure to keep you in the loop of the evolutions and plans.
Do not hesitate to come back to us with your questions. In the meantime, stay safe at home and thanks for understanding
Kind regards
The BruCON Crew