BruCON 0x0B Spring Training open for registration

Right on time for your Christmas shopping, we bring you the BruCON 0x0B Spring training track (24-26 April 2019) and this time with an extended early-bird sales period which last till the end of January !

The line-up! :

  • Corelan Bootcamp by Peter Van Eeckhoutte (3-day training) – Once again we bring you Corelan ! One of the best exploit development courses available, now in our spring training track. Prepare yourself for 3 long days (+10 hours/day) of intensive exploit development ! Lunch and dinner are included and, as always enough coffee to keep you going!
  • Active Directory Attacks for Red and Blue Teams by Nikhil Mittal (3-day Training) – This training is aimed towards attacking modern AD Environment using built-in tools, scripting languages and other trusted OS resources. The training is based on real world penetration tests and Red Team engagements for highly secured environments. The course is a mixture of fun, demos, exercises, hands-on and lecture.
  • Attacking and Defending Containerized Apps and Serverless Tech by Nithin Jois and Abhay Bhargav (3-day training) – This training has been created with the objective of understanding both offensive and defensive security for container orchestrated and serverless deployments. It will be a 3 day program that will detail through specific theory elements with extensive hands-on exercises that are similar to real-world threat scenarios.
  • Advanced Infrastructure Hacking (NotSoSecure) by Anthony Webb (3-day training) – Whether you are penetration testing, Red Teaming or trying to get a better understanding of managing vulnerabilities in your environment, understanding advanced hacking techniques is critical. This course covers a wide variety of neat, new and ridiculous techniques to compromise modern Operating Systems and networking devices.
  • Practical DevSecOps – Continuous Security in the age of cloud by Mohammed A.Imran and Hari Valugonda (3-day training) – Ever wondered how to handle deluge of security issues and reduce cost of fixing before software goes to production ? How unicorns like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Etsy handle security at scale? In Practical DevSecOps training you will learn how to handle security at scale using DevSecOps practices. We will start off with the basics of the DevOps, DevSecOps and move towards advanced concepts such as Security as Code, Compliance as Code, Configuration management, Infrastructure as code etc.
  • Hunting with OSSEC by Xavier Mertens (2-day training) – OSSEC is sometimes described as a low-cost log management solution but it has many interesting features which, when combined with external sources of information, may help in hunting for suspicious activity occurring on your servers and end-points. During this training, you will learn the basic of OSSEC and its components, how to deploy it and quickly get results.
  • Practical Threat Intelligence For Red and Blue teams by Irena Damksy (2-day training) – The red team’s goal is to breach the organization by any means – whether it is by finding some long ago forgotten exposed FTP server, forging an employee badge or pretending to be the pizza delivery guy. The blue team needs to do all in its power to prevent that breach by thinking like an attacker and trying to prevent them from taking the next step. In this training we’ll show why threat intelligence is critical for both sides – red and blue, and teach concrete tools and techniques for intelligence gathering and analysis that will make your work more effective – regardless of who you are.

The training location will be Novotel Ghent Centrum. Location and accommodation information here

All training details and registration links can be found on the BruCON training pages (link)

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