Announcing BruCON 5by5

It isn’t a secret that next year, in 2013, BruCON will have it’s 5th and celebratory edition. Every single year our crew and volunteers give everything to create an event that attracts both the IT professionals but also the ‘hackers’ and provides an open forum to exchange ideas. 

BruCON, as a non-profit organization, is embedded in a community that is build on breakers and makers alike and dedicated to its success. For this we have created and announced 5by5.
For 2012, we have allocated a budget of € 25.000 to 5by5 and we have documented everything about the project here : 5by5 project brief
We’re looking forward to support at least 5 projects with a maximum budget of € 5.000 per project.
In short : we are looking at the creative minds of the world to come up with projects that benefit our global community. We specifically don’t want to limit the subject your research or project can be about, as long as it is creative and has some kind of purpose we’re happy to take a look at it.
The goal of this initiative is to support independent research and creativity in the community. We would be particularly happy if some of the supported projects grow to maturity in the next 12 months and can be presented at BruCON 2013 but that isn’t the primary target.
For now, please start submitting your projects to 5by5-at-brucon-dot-org !!
HINT-HINT: BruCON is looking for an electronic or otherwise kick-ass badge for our 2013 edition. If you have this badge idea that you knows rocks like Led Zeppelin but you were never able to create, you know what to do now !!

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